Reeyee 3M

Blue Light Scanning Technology

Equipped with Blue Light Non-contact Scanning Technology, Wiiboox Reeyee 3M 3D Scanner enables you to scan more kinds of complex objects, even objects of dark color or metallic surface, without the interference from ambient lights.

Super-large Scan Ranges

The adjustable scan head makes wiiboox Reeyee 3M 3D Scanner possible for large size part scanning

Super-high Scan Accuracy

The single scan accuracy of Wiiboox Reeyee 3M 3D Scanner could reach 0.007mm.

Faster Scan Speed

Single scan time is under 2 seconds. Data registration is free to switch between automatic alignment and manual alignment.

Super Wide Applications

Wiiboox Reeyee 3M 3D Scanner is widely used in aerospace industry, motor industry, molding industry, reversal design and etc.