Mini Less is more

Small-not simple, but simplicity.Wiiboox Mini extracts within itself every high-performance. Our advanced technology and excellent design reflects in Mini's efficient, durable and stable printing. Its details can withstand scrutiny.Mini is the ultimate 3D printer that provides you with infinite creation and passion regardless of time and place.

Completely safe Excellent quality

According to the report of the American University of Illinois, small diameter ultra-fine particles are produced during 3D printing process. They can be deposited in the lung or directly absorbed into the blood stream of the user, causing serious health problems. In view of the responsibility for users’ health, Wiiboox presents the world’s first desktop 3D printer with an ultra-fine particulate air filtration system. While ensuring high-precision printing, Wiiboox designs 6 protection measures meeting EU standards to protect users’ health, including radiation safety, circuit safety, lightning safety, material safety and product safety.

Quick change nozzle assembly

Not only durable, but also a people friendly design, ensures quick easy replacement.

Reveal the slightest details achieve real high-precision printing

It is made up of 265 parts and a 5 cylinder radial engine which has been synonymous with aerospace since the first radial engine was created in 1901. Only when a 3D printer’s accuracy is up to o. 1mm does it manage to produce parts with the error less than 0. 1 mm. Wiiboox’s high-precision printing is more than just words.

Unique extruded nozzle special printing experience

Printing accuracy: 0. 08mm; printing speed: 180mm/s. Durability and easy quick replacement more are achieved through over 3, 000 hours of printing time, 5 generations of improved design, high precision machining of metal parts, unique extruded nozzle structure, high-precision stepping motor and humanized nozzle design.