Replaceable Resin Bracket

Replace the resin bracket and you can print different colors and different kinds of resins just with One 3d printer.

Long Storage of Resin

The resin bracket system in Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer is equipped with automatic storage function to ensure that the resin can be stored for a long time without spoiling.

Lifting-type Resin Bracket

Compared with traditional SLA 3D printers, Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer with lifting-type resin bracket is more accurate when controlling liquid level, and more stable when printing.

Scraper with Non-beam Structure

With non-beam structure, Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer can ensure the coating uniformity of the single layer of uncured resin and the forming accuracy of the workpieces.

Vacuum Adsorption System

The resin vacuum adsorption system that adopts flexible accumulators can effectively avoid the cured parts being scratched, meanwhile greatly improve the coating uniformity.

Hot Air Heating

Compared with the traditional heating way, the hot air heating system equipped in Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer can control the resin temperature and avoid resin deterioration. In addition, the power consumption becomes lower.

What can Wiiboox SLA 3D Printer print?